12 – 13 May, London

Open Banking World Congress is the unmissable, global annual event in open finance, where we create an environment to help achieve positive change and realise the value of a better, open future.”

Marie Walker, Co-Founder & Head of Content, Open Banking World Congress

“I found the Open Banking event an eye opening experience. Although I believed I knew ‘enough’ on what was happening with Open Banking within the finance industry – this event opened my eyes to how it could expand into other sectors and the untold benefits it could have.”

“The Open Banking World Congress really hit the nail on the head, a great mix of expansive and authoritative thinking and action mixed with a diverse group of highly participatory audience. Well done indeed!”

“A huge success. The quality of the presentations and the sectors represented by the attendees make this one of the best events I have attended.”

“It’s clear Finance Edge have their finger on the pulse of Open Banking and the connections to bring together a stellar line-up and audience. An extremely useful and interesting event.”

“Lots of views and constructive tension on a number of the topics. Which is great to have….not just everyone nodding heads agreeably but uninterestingly. Wide ranging and good speakers, really enjoyable.”

“The Open Banking World Congress brought together an array of global thought leaders and implementation leaders at a time when the market is being defined and Open Banking is making its case as a force for good.”





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