12 - 13 May, London

Open Banking is the dawn of a transition from traditional banking and financial services as a vertical, to becoming the essential enabler of an emerging lifestyle horizontal.

Early signs, around the world, of emerging non-linear business models, and potential revenue streams for Banking and other B2C organisations, are both exciting and evolutionary.

Join senior finance innovators taking the next steps in the Open Banking journey. 


  • What does the future hold for the broader cross-sectoral, data-driven ecosystem – and how will your organisation succeed in this new environment?
  • What are the most successful, most promising, use cases to date?
  • What improvements in functionality, standards and identity are required? and where is this being done best at the moment?
  • What value exchanges will consumers respond to?
  • Where are the opportunities for monetisation?

Open Banking World Congress is the unmissable, global annual event in Open Banking, where we create an environment to help achieve positive change and realise the value of a better, open future.

The 2019 Open Banking World Congress occurred in May.

“It’s clear Finance Edge have their finger on the pulse of Open Banking and the connections to bring together a stellar line-up and audience. An extremely useful and interesting event.”

60+ Speakers

” … really hit the nail on the head … “

” … stellar line up and audience … “

“Refreshing … big brand names being open about their plans & strategies.”

30 sponsors & exhibitors

“Wonderfully planned and executed.”

“Very, very good conversations with banks & technology partners.”

“An excellent opportunity for us…”

400+ Attendees

“Lots of top notch professionals”

” … highly participatory audience.”

” … an eye opening experience.”

2 plenaries, 4 streams, 4 breakout meetings

“A valuable use of my time.”

“Finance Edge have their finger on the pulse of Open Banking.”

“A huge success!”

“The best Open Banking event I’ve been to!”

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